Why Choose Knuckle Sandwiches For Your Office Catering!


Office Catering in Mesa, AZ

Office Catering

If you are in charge of office catering for your business then look no further than Knuckle Sandwiches in Mesa, AZ. With family recipes and a variety of options to choose from, we will provide a satisfying and delicious meal that will be enjoyed by you and your colleagues. 

Menu Variations

With so many options to choose from, you can feel good that you are providing a meal that can accommodate different dietary specifications. We offer in-house meat preparation; no deli meats, vegetarian options, gluten-free bread, and meat bowls.

Fresh & Local Ingredients

We prepare all of our meats in-house with family recipes that we have been using for decades. With our local partnership with True Garden in Mesa, AZ, you can feel confident that our produce is fresh and locally grown. All of our side items are prepared with family recipes too!

Quality and Flexibility

If you have specific requests, we will do all that we can to accommodate those. We will provide a smooth and successful catering experience for your office with minimal clean-up and quality food. With only a 48-hour advance notice needed, you can count on Knuckle Sandwiches to come through for you every time.


Sandwiches are generally more budget-friendly than your other catering options such as full meals or buffets. If you are catering to a large number of people this would be a cost-effective solution. Sandwiches provide a satisfying meal without breaking the bank. 

Familiarity and Popularity

Everyone loves sandwiches as they are enjoyed by people of all ages. Choosing a sandwich shop like Knuckle Sandwiches for your office catering increases the likelihood that your employees will find something that they enjoy. 

If you are looking for office catering that provides dietary options, freshly prepared food items, are budget-friendly, and will be popular with your colleagues, call Knuckle Sandwiches in Mesa, AZ and see what makes us a familiar favorite. 

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