Cooking Up Memories With Family-Recipe Sandwiches

 How Family Tradition Shapes Our Sandwiches

Cooking up memories with family-recipe sandwiches in mesa, az

Sandwiches are a convenient and familiar selection for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Are there certain sandwiches that bring nostalgia? There sure is! Here at Knuckle Sandwiches, our family-recipe selections have been in our family for decades and you can taste the comfort of home in every bite. In this article, we review a few things that took us on our journey to perfect our sandwiches. 

Family Kitchen

With recipes that started in a family kitchen, our flavors have been passed down from generation to generation which is what has shaped the very essence of our menu. With flavors that have been perfected over the years, you'll have fun trying new things on the menu during each visit.

Innovated Tradition

As our recipes are reflective of our past, we elevate the flavors by integrating new ideas into our sandwiches that bring to life new flavors our customers love.


Our team of professional sandwich artists take meticulous care to craft your sandwich to perfection as they are committed to preserving tradition.

Local Favorites

As a Mesa, AZ restaurant, we are always considering new item menus and paying attention to what our clients crave. At Knuckle Sandwiches, we incorporate temporary items as a way to provide our clients more options and to try new recipes.


Whether you are catering sandwiches for a holiday or office party or you are picking up sandwiches for dinner, they provide a sense of togetherness and comfort with their familiarity. When you work in the family-recipe flavors from Knuckle Sandwiches, you can feel good that your guests will leave full and completely satisfied. 

If you are located in or around the Mesa, AZ area, give the team at Knuckle Sandwiches a call today and let our flavors become a family tradition for you and your family too. We offer catering services, we love getting involved in community events, and we employ some of the greatest people in Mesa.  For a flavor and experience you won't soon forget, stop in at Knuckle Sandwiches today!

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