Deli vs. Knuckle Sandwiches

 Crafting The Perfect Sandwich Experience at Knuckle Sandwiches

Deli vs Knuckle Sandwiches in Mesa, AZ

Sandwiches are a familiar staple in Mesa and around the world and can be found at many restaurants throughout the community. But, there is a distinct difference in where you choose to purchase your sandwich which can have an impact on quality, freshness, and taste. In this article, we dive into what makes the perfect sandwich experience and the differences in a deli restaurant and Knuckle Sandwiches.

It's All About The Ingredients


Delis used processed meats. These meats contain preservatives and nitrates which are used to preserve or enhance flavor and if not eaten in moderation can become harmful to your health. With these additives being linked to heart disease and diabetes, deli meat may not be as healthy for you as you had originally thought. 
At Knuckle Sandwiches, we prepare our meats in-house with family-recipes and without the need for nitrates or preservatives. The quality and richness can be tasted in every bite and you can feel confident that our meats are a healthy choice for your diet and overall health.


It's common for delis and Knuckle Sandwiches alike to prepare their breads daily for freshness. Deli breads are prepared with recipes that are shared throughout their chain restaurants and may be similar to other local restaurants too. Where your bread may be fresh, it doesn't standout to the overall taste of the sandwich. 
Here at Knuckle Sandwiches, our breads are prepared with family-recipes and with a freshness guarantee. From the recipe to the table, our breads start the sandwich experience and immediately entices the tastebuds. 


You may not realize that some of the veggies used in your sandwiches may have been frozen. With veggies that can be out of season or an abundance of a certain type can cause local delis to freeze their veggies which can certainly impact the overall quality, freshness, and crunchiness of your sandwich.
Knuckle Sandwiches partners with a local farm, True Garden, to provide only the freshest and local veggies in Mesa. Without the need to freeze our veggies, you never have to worry about soggy or withered veggies in your sandwich masterpiece. 

Sides and Desserts

No sandwich would be complete without a delectable side or dessert. At most deli chains, you can find packaged pastas, cookies, and other side items. Just like with deli meat selections, these may include preservatives that can be harmful if consumed excessively. 
At Knuckle Sandwiches, our sides and desserts are prepared the same as our meats and breads, in-house and with family-recipes. The quality can be found in every bite and you never have to worry about freshness or unnecessary preservatives.

With our freshness, community partnering, and our one-of-a-kind family recipes, you will see why Knuckle Sandwiches is a familiar favorite. Stop in today or check us out online. We have something for everyone. From breakfast, to salads, to mouthwatering meats, you can choose something different from the menu every time and still be provided with quality and freshness guaranteed. 

We are located in Mesa, AZ and serve clients with pickup, dine-in, and delivery. Looking for catering services? We can help with that too!

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